The three competitions that our students have participated in are the ACCA Calculus Competiton, the Putnam Exam, and the Math Modeling Competition (MCM).

The ACCA Calculus Competition

This competition allows teams of up to three students to compete against other teams from ACCA (Association of Colleges of the Chicago Area) near the end of the spring semester. There are 16 schools in ACCA and typically around 30-35 teams that participate in this contest each year. The competition is 90 minutes long and usually involves around 10 short answer questions and 15 multiple choice questions (there is a penalty for an incorrect guess on a multiple choice). The questions cover the material in MATH 147 Calculus I, MATH 148 Calculus II, and MATH 261 Calculus III.

Contact Dr. Green if you are interested in entering this year’s competition.

Olivet’s top finishing teams

First Place:

2013 Tom Hall, Mark Lynn, Sam Gifford
2010 Mark Lockwood, Mark Lynn, Carl Trank
1994 Rebecca Miles, Todd McClellon, Jakayla Robbins

Second Place:

2016 Zachary Rivett, Devin Battice, Lucas Ward
2008 Krissy Wininger, Amanda Lee, Mark Lockwood
2007 Morgan Barnell, Timothy Bently
2004 Steve Case, Tim Freed, Jason Robart
1997 Ryan Herbert, Jakayla Robbins, Bryan Wilhelm
1995 Mary Ann Cheney, Rebecca Miles, Jakayla Robbins

Third Place:

2012 Katie Cole, Mark Lynn, Carl Trank
2006 Tim Freed, Heather Makarewicz, Joe Makarewicz
2005 Joshua Ball, Amanda Lee
1996 Ryan Herbert, Amanda Lowrance, Jakayla Robbins
1993 Shannon Bradshaw, Timothy Lehman, Todd McClellon

Fourth Place:

2009 Terese Byrne, Mark Lockwood, Krissy Wininger
2006 Brittany Booton, Megan Bowser, Lauren Kehl
2004 Joshua Ball, Jackie Smith, Nicole Wessman
1993 Tom Ford, Rebecca Miles, Kyle Smith

Honorable Mention:

In 1992 the very first year of the competition, Olivet’s team of three freshmen (Dan Dillinger, Jill Luehers, and Rebecca Miles) had the highest score in the first round. The second round required the top three teams to participate in a face to face competition on a Saturday. Sadly, two of our three team members had prior commitments and therefore our team was unable to compete. The fourth place team took our place at the competition. The rules were changed the following year.


The Putnam Exam

A national collegiate mathematics competition, given the first Saturday in December to over four thousand of the best mathematics students in the United States. The exam is designed to discriminate at the highest level. It is an accomplishment just to score points.  The exam is given in two parts, from 9a.m.-noon and from 2-5 p.m. Each part consists of six problems graded on a ten point scale. Partial credit is normally not given. Some practice sessions are usually held in the weeks prior to the competition. Please see Dr. Justin Brown if you are interested.  2010 was the first year where we had participants including four students. Those scoring points are listed below:

Points    Year     Student
  20        2013   Carlson Triebold   
  10        2013   Zach Rivett
  10        2010   Mark Lynn
    3        2014   Zach Rivett
    2        2010   Danielle Vander Schaaf
    1        2017   Evan Dexter
    1        2016   Devin Battice
    1        2016   Libby Hein
    1        2011   Jamison Burchfield
    1        2011   Mark Lynn


The Math Modeling Competition (MCM)

This is an international competition that occurs early in the spring semester. Teams of up to three students compete over a weekend solving an open-ended applied mathematical problem. The contest begins at 12:01 a.m. EST on a Friday and ends on the following Monday at 11:59 p.m. EST. Contest information is given at the website

We have not had a team participate in a number of years but we are trying to rekindle interest in this competition. Contact Dr. Hathaway if you are interested in participating in this year’s competition.

Each entry is judged and placed into one of four categories: Outstanding (the top 3-6 papers for each question, these papers are published in UMAP), Meritorious (approximately the top 15%), Honorable Mention (approximately the next 25%), and Successful Participant (typically over half the teams).

Meritorious Teams:

1992 Matt Burba, Brett Jones, Timothy Lehman

Honorable Mentions:

1996 Jamie Fussner, Ryan Herbert, Jakayla Robbins

1991 Ryan Meyers, Linda Phillippe, Scott Toberman