Dale Hathaway

Dr. Dale Hathaway

Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair


Burke Administration 003A, (815) 939-5314

B.S. in Mathematics, 1983, Eastern Nazarene College

M.A. in Mathematics, 1986, Boston University

Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1989, Boston University

Dr. Hathaway joined the Department of Mathematics in 1989 and became the Department Chair in 2007. He has served for many years as a table leader and question leader at the AP Calculus reading in Kansas City each June. He has had numerous articles published. Dale has supervised eight student’s summer research experiences. His liberal arts textbook is in the third edition. He has reviewed articles for major mathematics publications and has spoken at several national MAA meetings. He is currently working on a book on the birthday problem. His areas of interest are probability, statistics, the mathematics of puzzles, and projects as a mode of teaching in undergraduate courses. His puzzle collection has over 1700 items.

Family: Dale's wife Heather currently works in Olivet’s Student Accounts Office after spending 11 years as a stay at home mom. She previously worked several years in Olivet's Financial Aid office. They have three adult children, Lauren, Lindsay, and David. The Hathaways are active members of Gathering Point Church of the Nazarene.  You can visit his webpage at http://web.olivet.edu/~hathaway