Dan Green

Dr. Daniel Green

Professor of Mathematics

Burke Administration 003E, (815) 939-5392

B.A. in Mathematics, 1986, Kalamazoo College

M.A. in Mathematics, 1989, Western Michigan University

Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1997, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Green arrived on campus in 1993. His doctoral dissertation was in Real Analysis. He recently had an article on finance and calculus published in the mathematics education journal PRIMUS. He is currently the chief writer of the River Valley Mathematics Competition, and writes questions for other area high school mathematics competitions. His areas of interest include the use of technology in mathematics education, Real Analysis, and Graph Theory.

Family: Dan's wife Karen is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology here at Olivet. They have a son Mark, and a daughter Julisa. The Greens are active members of Gathering Point Church of the Nazarene.