Justin Brown

Dr. Justin Brown

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Burke Administration 003B, (815) 939-5283

B.A. in Mathematics, 2003, Point Loma Nazarene University

M.S. in Mathematics, 2005, Northeastern University

Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2009, Northeastern University

Dr. Justin Brown began working at Olivet in the fall of 2009, after completing his doctoral dissertation in algebraic geometry.  He has coauthored two graduate level textbooks in algebraic geometry, as well as several published articles; one of which appeared in the Journal of Algebra.  Areas of mathematical interest include algebra, algebraic geometry, topology, and combinatorics.  Areas of non-mathematical interest include football, guitars, and the lyrics of Bob Dylan.

Family: Justin’s wife Jody has recently worked as a math teacher as well as a women’s basketball and  softball coach.  Her primary job now is to take care of their sons, Owen, Evan and Callen.  Together, Justin and Jody have watched baseball games at over 12 Major League ballparks, and have kayaked throughout New England.  You can visit his webpage at http://web.olivet.edu/~jbrown7.