Math Club

The department started a Mathematics club in the fall of 2005. Interested students and faculty gather approximately once a month for food and fun.  The group does some fun hands-on and interactive mathematics. This has included many things that would fall under the umbrella of recreational mathematics.

Topics include:

  • Benford's Law
  • Mathematical origami
  • The Great pi and e debate
  • Mathematical Murder Mystery
  • Slicing pizza
  • Pi day
  • Mathematical Photo Scavenger Hunt


The 2016/2017 Math club council:

  • Co-Presidents: Shealeigh Funni and Taylor Coble
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Lyndsey Herndon and Kayla O'Donohue
  • Treasurer: Devin Battice
  •  Administrative Assistant: Sarah (Cassie) Johnson


Photos from previous Math Clubs: