Mathematical Murder Mystery

The Mathematical Murder Mystery has been a favorite since its inclusion in January of 2008. Typically we have 20-30 participants with department majors representing a minority participating in the event.


The 11th annual Math Murder Mystery event was held February 16, 2018.  Faculty and students worked hard to solve the mystery of who murdered our beloved professor, Dr. Boros.  As the night unfolded and the clues solved, it was revealed that the culprits, Josh Lenz and KJ Sons killed Dr. Boros in his garden with a shovel.  A fun time was had by all solving the crime!!

The Math Murder Mystery is always an anticipated event in the department. This was our 10th annual Math Murder Mystery. According to junior Kayla O'Donohue, THE 2017 PLOT:  This year, the crime focused back to the ‘murder’ from 10 years ago, where Dr. Dave Atkinson murdered our University President. In a strange twist, we discovered that Dr. Bowling had a twin, who was now running the university.  THE 2017 CULPRIT:  Dr. Dale Hathaway murdered Dr. Bowling (the twin) because he wanted the presidency.  Always interesting and always fun!


Students and faculty gathered in the mathematics department on Friday, February 19, 2016, to solve the 9th annual Math Murder Mystery. According to senior Zach Rivett, the plot was complex: “Desperately needing more space, the Office of the Registrar went on a mission to eliminate the math department so that they could occupy the basement of Burke. After an attempt to blackmail senior Micah Plank into knocking off the department during last semester's barbecue, they were forced to hide the evidence by murdering Micah. Undeterred, they then hired an assassin to kill off Dr. Dale Hathaway during the night of the MMM, thinking that if the Chair falls, the rest of the department will follow.” Both students and faculty had a great night of murder, mystery, mathematics…and of course, food!



A tragic event occurred this year resulting in the death of our beloved Dr. Hathaway, who tragically fell down the stairs after being hit over the head with a candy bowl. Dr. Brown, in his obsession for Dr. Hathaway's ties, killed the stylish man in the hopes that the tie collection would be his. All of this occurred while Professor Ireland was picking up her children, Dr. Cheng was on maternity leave, and while Dr's Green and Boros were out for a walk observing the sights of Bourbonnais. It was a fun evening for all.


A double murder transpired this year killing two math department faculty, Dr. Nick Boros and Dr. Justin Brown.  Found GUILTY-all 5 members of the Math Club Council!  Sarah Langeland hired Kristina Richardson to murder Dr. Boros because he gave her a bad grade on her Senior Seminar project. But Kristina accidentally put poison in Dr. Brown's coffee instead of Dr. Boros's coffee, killing Dr. Brown. Mark Lynn, seeing Dr. Brown dead and Dr. Boros nearby, assumed Dr. Boros killed Dr. Brown, his favorite teacher. Thus, Mark threw Dr. Boros over the railing of the rock climbing wall, killing him. Technically, Sarah, Kristina, and Mark would all be guilty of murder, and Tom Hall and Jessica Dieken would be guilty of drug dealing (they gave drugs to Mark). What a twisted plot this year...and record attendance!




In 2012, a double murder occurred killing students Todd Yeoman and Terese Byrne who were involved in a "love triangle ""."  Student Danielle Vande Schaaf was found GUILTY. 



In 2011, Chaplain Mark Holcomb was killed.  Matt Smith was found GUILTY.

In 2010 Dr. Justin Brown was found brutally murdered. The suspects included: Dr. Dave Atkinson, Dr. Stephen Brown, Dr. Daniel Green, and Dr. Dale Hathaway. Dr. Stephen Brown was found GUILTY.

In 2009 Chaplain Michael Benson (Chap Daddy) was murdered. The suspects included: Dr. Daniel Green, Howie Van Dyke, Dr. David Van Heemst, Dean Woody  Webb. Howie Van Dyke was found GUILTY. 


                              Getting clues.                                           The investigative group.                                        The evidence mounts up...

                        Howie did it!

In 2008 Our Beloved president Dr. John Bowling was found murdered. The suspects included: Dr. David Atkinson, Dr. Stephen Brown, Dr. Daniel Green, and Dr. Dale Hathaway. Dr. Atkinson was found GUILTY.


                    The crime scene.                                                        The evidence.                                                    The arrest.