B.S. Actuarial Science

The Actuarial Science degree is designed for students who wish to go into the actuarial profession. Our program prepares students for the first two exams (P and FM exams) and provides coursework for all three VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) areas: Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistics (not available at many schools). Ideally students take one exam at the end of their sophomore year and the second at the end of their junior year.

B.S. Mathematics

The B.S. in Mathematics is the degree for those who want to major in mathematics but do not want to teach at the high school level. This degree gives a strong foundation of pure mathematics along with a variety of applied mathematics. Students who want to pursue graduate work in mathematics should obtain this degree.

Mathematics Minor

The department offers a minor in mathematics for students majoring in other areas. The requirements of the minor include 21 hours of mathematics and are:

  • MATH 147 Calculus I
  • MATH 148 Calculus II
  • MATH 351 Linear Algebra
  • Nine additional hours of mathematics above MATH 148


Mathematics Education Minor

The department offers a minor in mathematics education. This minor is specifically for students pursuing a secondary teaching major in another field, but who also want to be qualified to teach mathematics. The minor requires 25 hours of mathematics as follows:

B.A. Mathematics

The B.A. in Mathematics is a slightly scaled down version of the Mathematics B.S. degree. The degree itself is slightly smaller than the B.S. enabling a student to more easily complete a double major. This degree can be thought of as a more liberal arts version of the mathematics degree. Interesting combinations of majors can be obtained like mathematics and English, for a prospective editor of mathematics texts, or mathematics and Christian education.


B.S. Mathematics Education

Usually about half of our majors are pursuing a degree in Mathematics Education because they hope for a career as a high school or middle school mathematics teacher. This program is NCATE approved and prepares students to teach in grades 6 through 12 in the state of Illinois. Our experience has been that most other states will recognize and hire our graduates with little or no extra requirements. Our graduates have gone on to teach in Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, to name a few states.

Statistics Minor

The department offers a minor in statistics. This minor was created due to the dramatic growth in the AP Statistics program and the recognition that many fields can benefit from effective data analysis. The minor requires 21 hours of mathematics as follows:
Required core courses:

  • MATH 241 Statistics (4 hours)
  • PSYC 331 Basic Research and Statistics (4 hours) 

Required Supporting course: